The stakeholders of the project had been in the informational agricultural business of
Ukraine for a while. They have seen a great need to provide grain producers and
buyers with an accurate price for delivery to any region and elevator. Before that, it
took way too much time and effort to make the calculation, and brokers have been
making money on the ignorance of farmers in this sphere. Hence, a cohort of people
decided to disrupt the industry and provide an ultimate tool for accurate calculations.


The project was at the stage of idea and had nothing more to move forward.
Though the idea was pretty clear, the implementation was not so straightforward.
The database with millions of records should have been created and filled with the
information in a short period of time.

What we have done

TRIARE accepted the idea and moved it through the pipeline having started from
the Discovery stage.
We had a deep look at the business domain and what are the goals of the new
business. Then we moved into the planning stage where all the details, both
technical and design, have been prepared.
After that, TRIARE followed with the development, conducting various changes in agile manner and with focus. When the MVP was launched, we reviewed analytics, made decisions regarding additional features, and ramped up the
As a result, Tripoli is a consistently growing project that moved from a startup to a solid business.
It is #1 in Google search in Ukraine for the agricultural requests.
Its traffic is about 50K users per week and this figure triples during the harvesting season. Besides, the website with the core offering now has additional services that generate extra revenue for the company. Our team keeps on supporting and further developing new features.


Database of distances between all settlements of Ukraine.
Daily update information on the site: price, farmer’s info, elevators.
A platform for advertisements. Create your company profile. The ability to calculate the cost of delivery.
Grain market analytics (statistics for the day, month, year).
Notification from farmers’ database.


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