We build Business Management Solutions

We create integrated business or office management software suites and ERP systems for companies to automate their back office operations, create new (digital) processes, efficiently organise and manage their documents and back office functions like HR, book-keeping and customer management online from wherever they are, and manage their company data securely and efficiently.

iBez - We build Office Management Software

Case Study

Our client runs a vehicle maintenance company and travels a lot so needed an all-in-one web-based office management application from where she would manage are their end-to-end operations, staff, clients and vendors from wherever she was. The application also enable clients make appointments, bookings and pay online.


Features of the system include online booking, price management, client relationship management (CRM), vendor management, HR, book-keeping, customer call logging, reporting functionality and more. The application is web-based so can be accessed from any location.

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