Team Cuisine is a company headquartered in Germany that produces innovative kitchen products. Having a single-page, German-only promotional website, Team Cuisine needed a scalable e-commerce website localized for different countries.


Team Cuisine makes kitchenware designed for both professionals and consumers with no cooking background. The company needed an ecommerce site to sell kitchen products globally. 

During the development process, the demand for a multi-site emerged, and we built 3 websites tailored to different user locations and manageable from a single WordPress dashboard. 

Apart from designing a two-section catalog (with regular and smart, app-enabled products) and making the site automatically adjustable to visitor location, we had to consider different payment nuances that vary from one country to another. 

What we have done

We used the company’s existing website as a foundation and cleared up its design. The resulting multi-site shows different types of products based on visitor location, offers a helpful search option, and features the company’s blog with recipes that users can share across social media.

Powerful localization includes:

Multi-language support. A user from Germany will have the choice to switch between German and English languages, while a US-based user will have English and Spanish options. Implementation of other languages is planned for future expansion: for example, French for customers from France and Canada or Mandarin for a Chinese market.

State-specific tax inclusion. We designed the checkout in a way that it automatically adjusts to tax rules applicable to a particular region (different VAT amounts for European customers, sales tax for the US). 


Catalog divided into regular and smart products
Blog with recipes that can be shared and commented
Search that shows recipes relevant to searched products
User accounts with order history
Coupon system for promotional offers


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