Digital Skills Workshop

Our Digital Skills Workshop are about improving the competencies required for working and running your business in the digital / knowledge society. Its aim is to equip micro and small business owners, and entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to us digital devices, technologies and social media efficiently and effectively for purposes of communication, collaboration, planning, organisation, money management, staff management, marketing and sales thereby improve their overall productivity and bottom-line.

Introduction to Software Development Bootcamp

The Software Development Bootcamp is at an introductory level and helps learners understand the various aspects of software development. It focuses on key fundamental concepts, processes and best practices of the software development lifecycle that all software developers need to know to build international standard software applications. You will learn about general software development principles such as application lifecycle management and application specifications. These two concepts cover a general understanding of how software applications are created, deployed and maintained.

Business Analysis Masterclass

Business Systems Analysis is the process of studying a procedure or business operation to identify its goals and purposes and create systems and procedures that will achieve them in the most efficient way. It is one of the most critical phases of the software development process and a key reason why systems fail. In Nigeria, it is often overlooked resulting in software systems being built that do not work as the client requires.

System Design Using UML Masterclass

Why is System Design important in Software Development? Because it involves identifying how a system should behave in all situations, the nature and type of data sources, by whom data is supplied and will be used etc. so that the system is built considering all the relevant factors. In addition, system designing ensures that a system is created in such a way that it fulfils the requirements of the users. It is a fundamental aspect of software development.

System Testing Masterclass

Simply put, Software Testing is about finding and fixing bugs in code. It also involves the analysis and review of software design, business processes and user requirements to avert risk and prevent software issues. It is a core part of the creation of software systems.

Software Project Management Masterclass

Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled. To be a Software Project Manager, you must have a very good grasp of the Software Development Lifecycle and the Principles of Project Management.